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Japanese Maples
Acer Palmatum

Japanese maples lend themselves beautifully to container growing. Dwarf types in ornamental pot & urns are well suited to patios and small gardens.
Where larger containers can be utilized, the choice of form, color, leaf texture and branching offer greater variety.
Full size trees grow well in tubs and permanent containers. Care is minimal, although it has to be constant since plants in containers will dry out more quickly than the same plant in the ground.
The Japanese Maple is an excellent specimen for the Art & Craft of Bonsai. The occasional root & top pruning with proper attention to water and fertilizer create this art form.


Japanese Maple





Viridis Disecctum

Acer Palmatum Seeds

Japanese Red Maple Seeds

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'EVER RED' offers an unusual characteristic as the new leaves emerge, they are covered with fine silvery pubescence, and give the opening buds a grayish, blue tint. 'Ever Red' maintains its deep red color well into summer. Slow to mature, reaches 8' - 12' tall. Hardy zones 6 - 8. Grafted on A. palmatum seedling.



Deeply lobed, dark red-purple leaves turning bright red in autumn and tiny purple-red spring flowers.'Bloodgood' is one of the best purple leafed varieties. A beautiful ornamental tree for a small contemporary or traditional Japanese garden. Best colors displayed in full sun. Reaches 12' - 15' height, 10' wide. hardy Zones 5-8


Acer Palmatum 'Tamukeyama'

'Tamukeyama' is an elegant and strong red-leaf Maple, cultivated in its native Japan for nearly 300 years.Beloved and well-tended specimens have been known to live for a century! 'Tamukeyama' features lacy, finely-dissected leaves and mature from crimson in spring to purple in summer and a brillant scarlet in fall.In addition to the beautiful foliage the maroon bark is lightly brushed with white on the young branches. Even the heat & humidity of an American summer will not burn these leaves.grows 8'-10', cascading to 12' - 15' wide. Zones 5 - 8


Acer Palmatum 'Pixie'

'Pixie' holds its color longer than 'Bloodgood" and as the name indicates ,it is a smaller specimen. Ideal for Bonsai, traditional Japanese style gardens, and small courtyard garden & pond combinations.Height 6'- 8'. Hardy Zones 5-8

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