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$ 4.97 Landscape Plants $ 4.97

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The BackYard Nursery has embarked on a unique approach in the nursery industry.
We decided to propagate & grow a wide variety of landscape plants 
taking advantage of high density container & bed production.
Our pricing has some in the nursery industry exclaiming "They are crazy" !
The plants you see at the retail store started out as "BABY PLANTS" or liners at a
growers farm, 2-3 years later the plants are larger & cost you much more.
In the industry as the plant grows larger, you have to pay a higher price.
Each season the plants, that have not been sold & have grown larger,
are re-planted in larger containers. We then price these larger plants,
now here's the "Crazy" part, AT THE SAME PRICE as last season. In fact we only have one price
for our "Landscape Ready" plants...$ 4.97
WE may be "CRAZY" but not totally out of our minds.
When plants get really big we do raise the price to $ 15.97
These methods provide The BackYard Nursery the opportunity
to sell our " BABY PLANTS " at lower prices to the home gardener or independent landscaper, most are less than $ 2.97
"BABY PLANTS" are available on line at THE BACKYARD NURSERY STORE.
Our location is truly THE BACKYARD !
We do not have the expense of a retail store building or regular store hours.
We are in the " Nursery " most afternoons & all day on weekends or Holidays. Please feel free to call anytime
for directions or questions regarding availability of your favorite plant.
Phone: 770.942.6955
Cell Ph:404.451.3508

E-Mail: marcferguson@thebackyardnursery.com


The BackYard Nursery

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 Welcome To
The BackYard Nursery
We are open April thru Father's Day !
Our hours are Monday thru Friday 4:00 pm til 6:00 pm
Saturday  -  Sunday & Holidays  9:00 am til 6:00 pm


The BackYard Nursery
Sale Day !


The BackYard Nursery
Home of the
$ 4.97 Landscape Plants $ 4.97
One Price, Allday, Everyday !


The BackYard Nursery
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Sale Day !

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